Voice Over IP Solutions (VOIP)

Run your phone systems over your data networks and the internet instead of traditional phone lines and you’ll save money on cabling and long distance charges. Increase the productivity of your team when we make two (or more) buildings work as one.

ICS’s Hosted PBX solutions offers business all the advantages of utilizing VoIP without a large initial investment needed to purchase your own network equipment. ICS’s hosted PBX solution is a great fit for the small business owner that needs complete functionality without the cost associated with costly phone systems and the large business groups who are not only looking to save time and money, but increase productivity and obtain cutting edge technology that is second to none at a fraction of their current operating cost.

  • Equipment resides with ICS. No cabinets to maintain.
  • ICS’s hosted PBX enables your organization to take advantage of redundancy and backup that would  be very costly to maintain on premise.
  • Purchase or lease phones only as you need them. Your solution can grow with your future needs, just  add phones!
  • No more costly upgrades! Push technology allows ICS to keep your solution up to date in the fast  paced technological world. System updates and enhancements are provided by ICS.
  • ICS provides support as needed; you do not need a staff to support your service.
  • Take advantage of Call Center applications/features and IVR applications/features without the major  expense of buying expensive necessary equipment.

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