Phone System Solutions

When selecting phones for your facility, you want to make sure everybody gets the features they need, but not more than they would ever use. You want your power users to have powerful capabilities, but there’s need to buy feature-rich phones for light users or drop-in workstations that will rarely be occupied.

That’s why we at ICS offer such a broad range of choice in phones. The first step to narrowing down your selection is to consider the type of phone system to which the endpoints will connect.

Choose from a variety of phone systems from the best manufacturers, efficient call-center management, connectivity for remote locations and workers…then easily integrate them with our wireless, voicemail, or voice-over-IP solutions.  We offer the newest IP phones with state of the art technology beyond your expectations.


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Mitel Phone Systems

Mitel Phone Systems 5360 Installation by ICSNY Integrated Communication Solutions NY Deer Park NY

Avaya Phone Systems

Phone system solutions installation and repair by ICS Integrated Communication Solutions Deer Park NY.

Toshiba Phone Systems

Phone system solutions installation and repair

CISCO Phone Systems

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Cisco® is the world’s leader of desktop phone manufacturers.  Their phones empower your business with a new collaboration experience that connects the right people with the right information at the right time, so you can accelerate team performance and maximize your business results. Effective collaborative experiences among teams, communities, and individuals can also help you:

  • Unlock the value of your company’s information with relevant, contextual collaboration, when at the desktop or mobile.

  • Harness the power of your busy professional staff by enabling them to collaborate confidently with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers.   more info
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