network data solutions

Network Data Solutions

Business Data Network Solutions is a primary focus for our team of experts.  In the world of IT, change is blazing fast. The push of new technologies and the pull of greater demand means most IT departments are stretched to the limit. So who do you turn to for help? Who can give you the customized solutions you need, without the headache? Who will let you sleep at night?

The answer is Integrated Communication Solutions.  With world-class people and processes, we’re more thorough, more accessible, and more flexible across all areas of IT infrastructure – from design and implementation to managed services and everything in between. Especially when it come to data network solutions, our dream team of experts will certainly deliver a level of performance, reliability and professionalism of the highest quality.  For you, that means business-focused solutions that deliver maximum peace-of-mind.

Networking Solutions

From confidential company information to sensitive financial records, the data you transfer on a daily basis ensures the successful operation and credibility of your business. Every time you transport this data, you place it at risk. Our data network solutions range from the highest quality systems on the market, to lower budget systems for smaller companies.  To reduce these risks and to stay current with progressing compliance issues, you need a safe and reliable networking solution.

Our team of professionals is here to provide you with the security you need – and the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to developing a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy and offering a wide range of cost-effective wireless, switching and routing solutions, we can design, implement and support a custom networking solution that allows you to transfer your data assets safely and securely across multiple platforms and operating systems.

So whether you want to redesign your existing network or replace it completely, we have the right mix of experience and expertise to guide your business in the right direction and choose the best network data solutions available in the market. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative networking solutions.

Secure Data Storage

Never before has data been more valuable or expansive than it is today. How well you manage and store this data has the power to either facilitate or hinder your company’s performance. If you’re not currently managing your data efficiently and affordably, we can help you address your data storage needs in a way that’s tailored to your unique requirements.

Thanks to our trusted industry-leading partners, we can maintain the integrity of your data and implement new systems that enhance and streamline your daily operations. With our help, it’s easy to automate your disaster recovery, back-up and data management processes. Prevent catastrophic loss of data and exercise greater control over where you store your data, whether it’s onsite, on the cloud or elsewhere.

Maximized Security and Minimizing Threats

If you are like most businesses today, you share data with customers, partners and suppliers almost constantly. While this ability to communicate and collaborate makes your business more productive, it also makes your business’s security and compliance vitally important. What steps are you taking to ensure your company’s data is being protected in the most aggressive ways possible?

Through firewall, IPS, encryption, SPAM, Spyware and Content Filtering, we can maximize your integrated business environment by protecting any and all of your company’s critical business data. We’ll drastically reduce the complexity of your business’ data storage, security, compliance and availability, while maintaining best practices for data security and implementation.

In turn, you’ll have the confidence to conduct business without second guessing your system’s security – and without running through a half-dozen “what-if” scenarios

Virtualization Solutions

The network data solutions provided by ICS are guaranteed and also backed by manufacturer warranty on most components.  Although many businesses worry about project delays and cost overruns, deploying virtualization doesn’t have to be difficult. We have developed a time-tested process for helping you reduce the risk associated with implementation, while optimizing your virtualization environments for maximized efficiency.

Before we ever begin the virtualization process, we’ll collaborate closely with you on a thorough assessment and take the time to plan accordingly. Our range of services include the design, implementation and tuning of virtualization solutions, enabling you to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes and optimize delivery with effective results, so you can start enjoying greater enterprise-wide efficiency today.

Let us walk you through our process and assist you in selecting and implementing the best virtualization products for your business.

More about ICS...

Our ICS staff has worked on award-winning creative campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world. We pride ourselves in maintaining our clients with the highest level of professionalism and personalized consideration.  We use the most recent state of the art technology of the highest quality and we’ve hand-picked a dream team of qualified technicians with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem.  No project is too big or too small for our ICS staff.

Our support staff is ready and available to help you with anything you need.  We take pride in rushing our staff to your location to make adjustment and modifications when needed.  We also take pleasure in walking our clients through making modifications and adjustments to their technology systems over the phone and through video conference when needed.

5 Reasons why we’re the right choice for you…

  1. We guarantee our work.
    You can rest assured all your calls will go through, stay connected, and you’ll have complete clarity.  Very few of our competitors will guarantee the quality of service like we do.  We take pride in exceeding our clients expectations and providing our services with the highest level of professionalism and quality.
  2. Back tested and ready for installation..
    We test your hardware and equipment before we install it, we test it after we install it and then we remotely monitor the functionality of your system to make sure it’s up and running at all times.
  3. Fast Support Response..
    If you or your staff requires support or assistance of any kind, our staff of qualified technicians are ready and available to respond to your request with very little wait time.  Either we will send a technician to your location to make adjustments or we will walk you through the modifications over the phone and/or internet video conference.
  4. Superior Technology..
    We have the technology and know how for all your technology needs…
    Up to now, VoIP has been a hit or miss situation. The voice quality just wasn’t there, and dropped calls were common and frustrating. Those times are in the past. We have made VoIP as good as landlines — no, better! Our system protects you from lost connectivity, AND you get local and long distance at half the cost.
  5. We stand behind our products and services..
    Unlike other providers, we make sure that it is our responsibility that your technology is supported and up and running by us.  Other providers often ask their clients to call the support staff of the manufacturer of their hardware.  We don’t do that.  We take pride in offering our assistance and avoid routing your support calls to another entity.

We have invested a lots of time and money in our business over the years and are driven to maintain the great reputation and reliability of our company.

Our qualified staff of technicians can be reached by phone or by web/email by creating a support ticket on our website.  Support tickets are often the best way to go so that multiple staff members can track your support request simultaneously and respond quicker.

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