Choose from a variety of phone systems from the best manufacturers, efficient call-center management, connectivity for remote locations and workers…then easily integrate them with our wireless, voicemail, or voice-over-IP solutions.  We offer the newest IP phones with state of the art technology beyond your expectations.


Audio & Video Infrastructure

The conference room is the “command center” for most businesses. It’s a collaborative environment where ideas are discussed between stakeholders near and far, and where key decisions are made. To create a versatile and reliable executive meeting space that suits your particular requirements, our solutions range from a small simple conference room with basic phone and video display solutions to a large executive conference room with integrated audio, video projectors/displays and control systems.

IT solutions

ICS provides today’s latest structured cabling systems for LAN/WAN, Voice, Audio/Video and surveillance with backbone cabling as well as complete station locations. Our cabling services always include detailed testing and certification of all lines.


Run your phone systems over your data networks and the internet instead of traditional phone lines and you’ll save money on cabling and long distance charges. Increase the productivity of your team when we make two (or more) buildings work as one.


Network Data Solutions

Our future-ready technology features the most advanced server line-up to date. From rack, tower and server infrastructure platforms to simplified management, the next generation of our selection of servers is set to accelerate workloads and unburden IT with peak performance, versatile configurations and intelligent, embedded management.


Video Surveillance Solutions

Certified installs and integrates full Video Security and Surveillance Systems complete with secure remote monitoring, which can be accessed with an internet connection. This service assists with intrusion detection while also allowing your software to be configured to automatically record to a hard drive either on site or almost anywhere your business operates. Our services provide 24 hour motion-sensing surveillance with audio.

More about ICS...

Our ICS staff has worked on award-winning creative campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world. We pride ourselves in maintaining our clients with the highest level of professionalism and personalized consideration.  We use the most recent state of the art technology of the highest quality and we’ve hand-picked a dream team of qualified technicians with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem.  No project is too big or too small for our ICS staff.

Our support staff is ready and available to help you with anything you need.  We take pride in rushing our staff to your location to make adjustment and modifications when needed.  We also take pleasure in walking our clients through making modifications and adjustments to their technology systems over the phone and through video conference when needed.

5 Reasons why we’re the right choice for you…

  1. We guarantee our work.
    You can rest assured all your calls will go through, stay connected, and you’ll have complete clarity.  Very few of our competitors will guarantee the quality of service like we do.  We take pride in exceeding our clients expectations and providing our services with the highest level of professionalism and quality.
  2. Back tested and ready for installation..
    We test your hardware and equipment before we install it, we test it after we install it and then we remotely monitor the functionality of your system to make sure it’s up and running at all times.
  3. Fast Support Response..
    If you or your staff requires support or assistance of any kind, our staff of qualified technicians are ready and available to respond to your request with very little wait time.  Either we will send a technician to your location to make adjustments or we will walk you through the modifications over the phone and/or internet video conference.
  4. Superior Technology..
    We have the technology and know how for all your technology needs…
    Up to now, VoIP has been a hit or miss situation. The voice quality just wasn’t there, and dropped calls were common and frustrating. Those times are in the past. We have made VoIP as good as landlines — no, better! Our system protects you from lost connectivity, AND you get local and long distance at half the cost.
  5. We stand behind our products and services..
    Unlike other providers, we make sure that it is our responsibility that your technology is supported and up and running by us.  Other providers often ask their clients to call the support staff of the manufacturer of their hardware.  We don’t do that.  We take pride in offering our assistance and avoid routing your support calls to another entity.

We have invested a lots of time and money in our business over the years and are driven to maintain the great reputation and reliability of our company.

Our qualified staff of technicians can be reached by phone or by web/email by creating a support ticket on our website.  Support tickets are often the best way to go so that multiple staff members can track your support request simultaneously and respond quicker.

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Click the button below and tell us about your technology needs.  A representative will evaluate the information you provided and reply with detailed information including our recommended solutions and pricing.  No project is too small or large for our qualified technicians.

Need Support? We Are Always Here to Help You

Feel welcome to contact us with your questions and inquiries about our products and services.  We are happy to help you explore the solutions that fit your companies needs and most importantly help you save time and money.

Audio & Video Infrastructure

Explore the endless possibilities of enhancing your conference room with the latest state of the art quality Audio and Video Solutions.  No project is too small or large for our qualified staff of seasoned technicians.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Our surveillance systems provide 24 hour motion-sensing surveillance with audio.  This service assists with intrusion detection while also allowing your software to be configured to automatically record to a hard drive either on site or almost anywhere your business operates.

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